Kevin Blankenship Process Improvement Expert

Kevin Blankenship BSIE, BSCS

Process Improvement Consultant

Kevin is an Industrial Engineer who has worked more than 30 years in manufacturing.  He graduated with two Degrees at Southern Polytechnic State University.  He worked for Shaw Industries out of college in Corporate and Plant Industrial Engineer roles.  He was also the Plant Accountant and Process Improvement Manager at Yarn Processing, Tufting, Coating, and Extrusion Facilities.  He has received training and practiced Lean and Six Sigma project work. He has submitted over 300 capital projects, developed plant budgets over 25 times, and has had over $8 million dollars in verified savings over the last 5 years. He has a thorough understanding of Cost Sheets, Supply Chain Logistics and traditional IE methods such as time studies, JHA, and incentive plans.

IE Projects

This work includes traditional time studies, JHA development,  and performance measurement plans, Bottlenecks…

Lean Projects

Work in this area includes process mapping, NVA work reduction, SMED,  5S, 5G,  JIT, Kaizen, Kanbans,  OEE,  PDCA, RCA,  TPM and more…

Six Sigma Toolkit

Follows DMAIC roadmap  specializing in the application of data analysis and statistics to evaluate variation and consistency

"You can have data without information but you cannot have information without data"

As process improvement consultants we specialize in looking at large data sets through operational realities to identify root causes and develop solutions that move key performance indicators. Contact us to to find out if there are significant savings opportunities in your operation...

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