Process Improvement Consulting

Using data to drive decisions,

Using Lean Six Sigma to improve,

Transfering savings to the bottom line.

Identify and Reduce Costs

As Processes Improvement Consultants we access historical performance of multiple factors, Stratify for magnitude and difficulty, then Implement an achievable cost reduction process using the appropriate Lean, Six Sigma, or Industrial Engineering tools

Assessment Services

Our Process Improvement Assessment Services are a great option to get started. The advanced function is a system wide evaluation of manufacturing line items as well as overhead and supply chain costs. This assessment is used to create an opportunity matrix that identifies the entitlement and difficulty of the top 5 cost reduction targets

Project Work

As a consultant in the process improvement field I love it when an organization knows they have a problem with X. They attempt to improve this problem and usually have some limited success but cannot find a way to continue the improvement to World Class performance. PIC uses proven tools to drive improvement for specific projects to new levels

Automation and Information

Significant cost reductions are often a combination of automation and improved data gathering that drive improved control methods. Without the improved control methods, however, Payback and ROI calculation can fall short. Knowing what CAN be done with the data and setting up systems to leverage the data is a powerful tool.

"The workplace is a teacher. You can find answers only in the workplace. "

~ Taiichi Ohno, Father of the Toyota Production System and Lean Manufacturing

PIC believes that improvement comes from understanding each companies core business processes at the production level. We may use advanced techniques and tools but there is no substitute for understanding the current real methods and results of organizations

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